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Backups & Disaster Recovery

IT system hardware is now very reliable and rarely fails, but it can and it sometimes does. Offices rarely get flooded or catch fire, but they can and sometimes do. And, as we all found out in 2020, a pandemic can force offices etc. to close by order of the government.

All businesses should therefore consider the impact of those potential scenarios and ensure there are plans that can be instigated should the unexpected occur. Orchard Computer Services has solutions that can be a key part of the planning and, if ever needed, the implementation to keep your business running.

We have systems at our Data Centres that can be utilised should your systems suffer a major failure or are destroyed by a disaster. By restoring the data from our automated backups, they can provide your users with access to their usual applications etc.

Fast backups... Offsite security...

fully automated and monitored

Disk Based Backups

T ape backups were time consuming and unreliable, thankfully they are now rare. Our backup solutions are disk-based so they are much quicker and can therefore be run more often than once each day. They are fully automated and we monitor them to ensure they keep working.

They contain full system images so, if ever required, a restore can bring back the operating system complete with all the configurations. And because it’s not just the data, recovering your business from a system failure is a much quicker process.

Lots of options

Off-site Backups

N o matter how reliable and fast your backups are they won’t be of any use if they are kept onsite and, like your systems, are destroyed by a fire or flood etc. Many of our customers therefore choose an offsite option. Offsite maybe to a different building on the same site, to an alternate company location (office or home) or, most popular of all, to our Secure Data Centre - The Bunker.

The Bunker is ultra-secure and is located near Newbury on the former Greenham Common airbase. It was built to house nuclear missiles and protect them from attack by others.

If your File Server is destroyed or critically damaged, it will need to be replaced immediately so the recovery process can begin. Our options also include having emergency systems on standby. We can either deliver this to premises of your choice. Or we can provide your users with access to servers at our data centre so your business can be running again as quickly as possible.

Rather than buying the hardware and software required for our backup and disaster recovery solutions, many of our customers instead “rent” them. As an option to our maintenance contract, they pay for these services on a monthly basis.  

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