Taking the Hassle out of I.T.

Managed Services & Private Cloud

M any businesses are not able to employ an IT specialist so have to rely on a partner or senior employee doing the best they can in the time they can spare. Time that could be better spent earning fees or selling products etc.

For many of our customers, we, therefore, act as their IT department. Our assistance includes performing many of their day-to-day housekeeping tasks - starters, leavers, user permissions, password changes, firewall settings, checking and releasing suspicious emails etc. etc. So much more than just fixing faults!

Our basic Silver cover provides those routine IT tasks but options can be added to ensure our contract provides what your business needs. The agreement can also include managed services such as our automated backups. The backups are monitored to ensure they succeed and to give you peace of mind that your data is secure. Most customers opt to have them copied to our Data Centre as well as being saved on site. Whenever needed, they can be used to restore individual files or an entire server.

Other managed services can include your ESET Anti-Virus and/or your Mimecast Email Security. Instead of having to renew them every year, we provide them as a part of your contract.

We use two Data Centres, one near Cardiff and the other – The Bunker – near Newbury. In addition to securely storing backups, we also use those sites to provide our Hosted Services (Private Cloud). We can either relocate your existing servers or rent you space on ours. When your servers are located in one of our Data Centres, the automated backups are copied to the other one for added protection.

Choose from our

Backup Options

As detailed above, our backup options include sending the data copies to a Secure Data Centre. We also use those sites to provide Private Cloud (Hosted) solutions.

There are several benefits to having your Servers hosted at our Data Centre rather than at your own “HQ”. The Data Centre provides high speed communications with backup circuits that switch in if there is an issue. There is also redundancy for power, this provides an alternate source if the original fails. There are also banks of large UPS’s (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) to ensure the power is clean and generators that can come online should there ever be a total power failure.


Relocate your existing File Servers to our Data Centre.

Our Servers

We provide File Servers on a rental basis at our Data Centre. You provide the Operating System licences and applications.

Our Servers & OS

We provide File Servers and Operating Systems on a rental basis at our Data Centre. You just provide the applications.
When only a nuclear bunker will do

The Bunker - Ultra Secure

T he Bunker near Newbury is ultra-secure. Located on the former Greenham Common airbase it was built to house nuclear missiles and protect them from atomic attack by others. Internally, they have faraday cages to protect against EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack.

All visitors are vetted and have to prove their identity before being allowed through the thick metal doors. Even our engineers that regularly visit have to have their request verified by an “authorised” Orchard employee. The security, communications and power options at our Data Centre far exceed what most clients can ever dream of providing at their own premises.

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