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December 12, 2019
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March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus – Will you need to work from home

Like many other businesses, Orchard has produced a policy to deal with the ongoing situation.  As well as taking precautions to protect the well being of our employees and visitors etc., we need to ensure our business can continue to operate.  Employees may need to self quarantine themselves even if they appear fit and well.  In a worse case scenario, the office may even need to close for a period of time.

As an IT Support company, our business and charity customers rely on our engineers.  For many of them, we are their IT department.  So shutting up shop for a while is not an option.

However, our staff do have the ability to work from home – they can access our systems using secure and dual authenticated (2FA) communication links.  From there, they can connect to our customers and continue to provide remote support and assistance as normal.

It is likely that some businesses will enable their employees to work from home by copying spreadsheets and documents etc. on to unsecured laptops and memory sticks etc.  This is, of course, extremely risky because portable devices are easily lost or stolen.  The introduction of GDPR a couple of years ago required businesses to protect their data.  This current crisis must not be seen as an excuse to let those rules lapse. The hackers and data thieves see COVID-19 as a money making opportunity!

When we talk to clients about Disaster Recovery, it is common to mainly consider fires and floods etc.  Things that will “never happen to us”.  The current situation shows that something that began on the other side of the world “can happen to us”.

Organisations with Disaster Recovery plans will more easily cope with the current crisis, they will have at least ensured their data is safe and securely accessible