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June 16, 2020
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August 27, 2020

Its our 30th

Orchard Computer Services will be 30 years old during July, sadly Coronavirus has put paid to any major celebrations.

We had a very enjoyable open evening to celebrate our 25th in 2015 and intended to arrange something for the 30th. But Covid-19 came along and spoiled our plans as it has done for so many others.

So much has changed since it all began in 1990. The IT we sell and support now bears little resemblance to the systems back then. But I guess that applies to Ian, our MD, as well!

A great deal of our work now relates to system security and threat protection. The more data you store, the more someone wants to steal it. We now have the likes of GDPR to ensure businesses protect their data and certifications like Cyber Essentials to guide them towards incorporating safe practices and procedures.

One of the other big changes is communications, imagine trying to work from home 30 years ago. Dial up modems and you couldn’t use the phone while someone was using the internet! So many things we now take for granted have appeared since 1990. Most of them to make our lives better – although the people that ran Blockbuster might not agree.

If you are already an Orchard customer – thank you.

If not – what are you waiting for?