Who needs Springwatch
May 28, 2020
Its our 30th
June 26, 2020

Partially reopened

Our office partially reopened on June 1st so we are now into our 3rd week of more “normal” operation.

To ensure safe working conditions our support team come in on a rota basis with the rest continuing to work from home. This ensures they can maintain 2m distancing and the other requirements of our risk assessment and Covid-19 policy. The necessities also include hand sanitising stations, information signs and floor markings throughout the building. As a further aid to safe distancing, the employees attending the office do so with staggered arrivals, lunches and departures.

Our business also requires engineers to attend customer sites and these pretty much ground to a halt for several weeks. Although we are still restricting visits as much as possible, our field team have PPE and all appointments are subject to the site being able to provide safe distancing etc. Many of our customers have proved their commitment to safe working by providing us with copies of their own risk assessments and policies.

It has certainly been a challenging period but we worked long and hard to support our customers as they quickly switched to home working. This included lots of assistance with Microsoft Teams etc. to allow them to function in their new environment. As a result, we received lots of messages to say thank you. And it’s always good to know when your efforts are appreciated.

Like us, many of our customers are now returning to their offices but this crisis has made many re-evaluate the future. Home working will be much more common and IT will play a big part in making that a workable reality.