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December 3, 2017
Christmas 2017 Winners
December 11, 2017

Who ate all the pies?

Here at Orchard we regularly trial and test IT products.  But with Christmas approaching, it was time to evaluate something else – Mince Pies.

Our tester (who wishes to remain anonymous) has munched their way through the All Butter offerings from some of the leading supermarkets. And surprisingly, the bookies favourite came last.


First place went to Morrisons

Light and buttery pastry with a very tasty filling


In Second place was Sainsbury’s


Tesco came Third


And M & S came last!

(they don’t sell them online so we only have a picture of the empty box on its way to the bin!)

Asda, Lidl and Aldi were not included in the test.  But with Christmas over two weeks away………………………..