Thank you for saying Thank you
March 25, 2020
Partially reopened
June 16, 2020

Who needs Springwatch

Due to Coronavirus our office has been closed since late March and a great deal of work is required to ensure a safe, if limited, reopening in the near future. Subject to changes in the government advice, we hope that will commence on Monday 1st June.

Whilst preparing the inside we had an unexpected, but welcome, visitor outside. As far as we know, Squirrels do not have to observe social distancing but this one seemed happy to do so.

Our security cameras have also recorded Rabbits running around the car park at night.

And, for the 3rd year running we have Blue Tits nesting in the smokers box.

Who needs Springwatch!

The preparations for some of the support team to return includes lots of floor tape markings and reminder signs. Also hand sanitiser and sterile wipes available throughout the building.

The health and safety of the employees is the most important consideration so the preparations followed a detailed risk assessment and a revised COVID-19 policy.

If the situation continues to improve and the government continues to ease the restrictions, we hope it won’t be too long before the office is fully open and back to normal. But we may need to take a look at the Christmas Jumper pictures to remember what they look like!

As a result of the crisis many of our customers quickly switched to home working. For some, it has been such a success that they plan to continue working that way in the future. It may not suit all businesses but there are many benefits to employees working from home.

There are of course also some downsides to consider such as data security. There are many products available to ensure that risk is minimised. These include Dual Authenticated login tokens, Encrypted Laptop operating systems, Secure Communications, Email Filtering and, of course, a trusted and up to date Anti-Virus application.

Trusting the employees to work, rather than play, is also a worry for many managers and directors etc. However, system auditing software is available to check up on things if you feel the need. And you may be surprised that it’s not the employees working from home that aren’t pulling their weight!

Keep Safe